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Voice Assistance Marketing

The value of


How voice assistant marketing forces us to fix our past mistakes.

Evaluating the meaning of voice technologies for brands and defining implications on brand strategy. How voice can generate value through interdepartmental cooperation.

An initiative by the award-winning agencies amp, specialists for sound branding, and denkwerk, a digital creative agency. Features several best practices and advice from world-class voice interface designers.

Voice technology is the ultimate value creation opportunity and a crucial communication medium for brands and organizations in the next couple of years.

For all partners taking part in this initiative, voice marketing projects create value in three types of conversations:

  1. Between brands and consumers;
  2. Between organizations and partner agencies;
  3. And interdepartmental, when setting up projects internally.

Who is your brand? For most organizations, it is not easy to answer this question. Although it’s extremely valuable, developing a brand personality can be exhausting and time-consuming. Voice technology forces us to finally work the answer out.

Roman Königsmark, Brand Strategist, denkwerk

Our Whitepaper

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